Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Exotic Story

  • When we went out they would rant and rave about how the blacks and hispanics were taking over the work force because of their minority status. They were sick and tired of having to hire or losing out on jobs as more experienced workers that were not lazy by nature.

  • My husband and I decided not to have children right away and build financial stability first. We were both only 22 and had plenty of years ahead of us so I was on the pill.

    Thanksgiving was my breaking point. After listening to the racist bullshit at the in-laws all day and the same all night at the bar, I needed time to myself.

    I awoke early on Black Friday to go shopping and decide what I was going to do. I spent the day shopping and by noon I had a car full of gifts and was exhausted. I kept dropping packages on my way to the car, "Miss can we help you?"

    I looked up to see two very large black men offer assistance, "Thank you, but I don't think....." and I trailed off before finishing.

    "Southern belle same as all the rest," one of them said in an angry tone.

    "I'm not a southern belle, I'm from New York."

    "Why the attitude then?"

    "What attitude? It's just that if my husband....."

    "I get it hubby's a southern bred racist bastard."

    "Man leave her alone and help her with the packages."

    Before I could say another word they grabbed up the packages and followed me to my car. I tried to give them some money for the help, "Thanks, but it was our pleasure."

    "I was just trying to repay your kindness, what can I do to thank you?"

    "Have a drink with us," the nasty one said.

    "Really I can't."

    "We'll bring you some place and your pathetic husband will never know."


    "It's a couple of towns over, I'm sure your husband or his friends would even see you."

    "Why is that? If I may ask?"

    "Not exactly his color choice of friends."

    After a little more small talk they told me their names, James and Jerome. Jerome was the one with the attitude. I agreed to their offer and followed them. It was about a half an hour from home and definitely not an area my husband would be in.

    We parked at a bar that looked a little seedy for my taste but I had agreed. When we walked in there were several crude comments about my fine white ass, or what a fine looking ho I was. I couldn't believe the comments but on the other hand deep down they made me feel sexy.

    We were there for a couple of hours. I had a couple of beers with them. I danced and was taught how to shake my booty. The patrons all hooted and whistled when I did. During the slow dances I was held tight to either James or Jerome and what I felt rubbing my abdomen was humanly impossible. The more I danced the braver they became occasionally rubbing halfway down my ass cheeks. I don't know what was coming over me but I was getting sexually aroused from the comments and our rubbing crotches and hand slips.

    I was becoming tired from the long day and told them I had to get going. The two of them escorted me out to my car. James the nicest of the two asked me to stay longer, "I can't, I'm exhausted and need to go home."

    "Call your hubby and tell him you drove a couple of hours to check out a sale and are now to tired to drive home tonight."

    We talked for awhile longer I don't know what came over me but I agreed. Since moving here this was actually the first time I was having fun. I called my husband and he was okay with me coming home tomorrow. I booked a motel room across the street and paid cash. I moved my car behind the motel so it could not be seen, just incase.

    We went back to the bar and had several more drinks. I met some of James and Jerome's friends and they were all very nice, a little touchy feely when dancing though.

    Around 8:00 I had to go get some sleep. James and Jerome walked me to the motel. At the door I looked up to say thank you, James kissed me. I didn't pull away and soon our tongues were dueling. James broke the kiss, "Lets continue this party inside."

    He led me inside and Jerome followed, "We don't have any drinks," I said.

    "I'll be back," Jerome said.

    "Where's he going?"

    "To get a bottle and some beers."

    James kissed me again and I didn't stop him. We started dancing with no music and the more his crotch rubbed my stomach the more excited I became. I couldn't believe how big and hard it was, I thought he was hiding something.

    The more we danced the braver he became and started pulling my shirt out of my jeans. Soon he had it removed and was working on my jeans. The more his pelvis gyrated on my abdomen the more curious I became and started removing his clothes.

    When I was down to my bra and bikini panties I started working on his belt when Jerome burst in, "Is this a private party or can I join?"

    "If it's okay with Brandi," James said to him.

    "If you got the drinks join the party," I said.

    Jerome handed the bottle and beers to James and started dancing with me. I started stripping him as soon as he kissed me, he was hiding something too. I had him down to his boxers when I broke the kiss and finished with James pants. When he was down to his boxers, "What are you boys hiding in here?" I said snapping his waist band.

    "That's for us to know and you to find out," James handed me a drink.

    I was overcome with thoughts of my husband, "I, I can't do this I'm married."

    James moved over and gave me a hug, "That's alright you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

    I hugged James tight and looked up at him. He looked down at me and seeing his big brown eyes I kissed him this time. Our tongues were fighting my breathing became labored, my stomach was rubbing his crotch. The comfort and warmth I felt in his arms all thoughts of my husband were gone.

    We seperated and all took seats and enjoyed our drinks. We talked some more and I felt really safe and protected. My eyes kept wandering to their boxers which were tented the whole time.

    We finished our drinks and they got up and grabbed their pants, "Wait don't go," I blurted out.

    "We don't want you to get the wrong idea about us niggers," Jerome spat out.

    "I won't, I feel safe and protected with you and I want this," I got up and walked over to Jerome and gave him a passionate kiss. His arms wrapped around me. I moaned when he started playing with my ass. My hands dropped to the waist band of his boxers and pushed them down.

    My pussy got really wet when his bare cock bounced off my stomach. I could not see it. When I reached around and took hold of his cock I couldn't wrap my fingers around it. I started stroking it and was amazed by its length as well.

    When our kiss broke I got my first look at his cock. My left hand was still stroking it and I could not believe the contrast of my white skin on his black, it was exhilarating.

    I stared at it for a minute before moving to James and removing his boxers from my knees I found his cock to be just as impressive. I stared at his cock for a minute before leaning into kiss the head.

    "That's it babe make love to it with your lips."

    I started kissing his cock and was overcome with joy. I started licking the head and the underside of the shaft. Pre cum was soon leaking from his cock and it was the first time I tasted semen. Soon I put the head in my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down on it to capture more of his pre cum. I made love to his cock for a couple of minutes before moving back to Jerome and doing the same.

    When my jaw got tired from being stretched I took a break and had another drink. While I was sipping my drink James and Jerome removed the remainder of my clothes. James head went between my legs and Jerome was sucking my breasts. I started getting a really warm feeling throughout my body. These two were making love to my body with their tongues. I felt an orgasm approaching and had to put my drink down before it hit. My body convulsed and squeezed James head between my thighs. When it was over I was enthralled.

    James and Jerome had another drink while I recuperated.

    When they were done with their beers James came over and lay next to me giving me a kiss and caressing my pussy. I was getting into this and my hips started bucking when he shoved a finger in and started fucking me, "I think miss Brandi is ready to party," Jerome said.

    James rolled on top of me and his bare cock was rubbing my nether lips. I was getting more and more excited. When he started to push his cock into my honey pot, "Wait, do you have a condom?"

    "What for? Nothing's better than skin on skin."

    "I don't want to take a chance on catching a disease or getting pregnant."

    "We're clean and will pull out if you want," he continued to push into me.


    "Yes we promise," he continued stroking in and out going a little deeper each time. I started rocking my hips with each stroke, I was getting into it.

    James continued stroking in and out slowly, "This bitch got one tight pussy," James said.

    "Can't wait to try that fine white ass," Jerome said.

    James started fucking me harder and deeper kissing me passionately. His balls were slapping my ass and my hips were bucking, matching his thrusts. My pussy was responding to his thrusts coating his cock with my secretions. My pussy started contracting around his shaft milking it. I wrapped my legs around his waist and spurred him on. I grabbed his head and pulled his lips tighter to mine. My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, my body convulsed and I was seeing stars.

    "Oh, oh my god, fuck me."

    James stopped fucking me leaving his cock head just inside my pussy lips and wouldn't move. I kissed him deeper and spurred him harder but nothing. He stayed still for a couple of minutes before breaking the kiss, "Say daddy give my that big nigger cock."

    I couldn't say that word, "Daddy give me that big cock," I whimpered.

    "Say it whore, what is it you want?"

    "I want you to fuck me with that big cock."

    "Then say it bitch."

    A couple short thrusts and he stopped. I knew he was in complete control "Daddy fuck me with that big nigger cock."

    James started pounding my pussy with that said. My legs cinched harder my orgasm burst and started rolling one on top of another, "Ohhhh, yessss that's it fuck my white pussy with that big nigger cock daddy."

    That spurred James on he started building a sheen of sweat on his forehead and it dripped on my chest as he looked down at me. His cock started to expand, "Going to cum whore, where do you want it?"

    Before I could answer he kissed me as he buried his cock, kissing the entrance of my womb I exploded in orgasm. His cock started pulsing I knew he was planting his black baby seed into my womb. Every pulse of his cock sent a warmth into my pussy that soon spread throughout my body as my pussy milked him for every last drop. His ejaculation was the most wonderful feeling I have ever felt, I was hooked. James cock stopped pulsing but my pussy continued to milk his cock.

    James rolled off me and laid beside me, "You promised to pull out," I said.

    "I promised if that's what you wanted, when I asked, you didn't tell me to."

    "You kissed me so I couldn't."

    "When you cinched me in with your legs that said no don't pull out, besides your not even mad."

    I blushed and turned away, "It felt so right when you came in me."

    Jerome lay down on the other side of me and I rolled on top. Guiding his cock into my love chute I noticed the glimmer of my wedding ring. I was thinking as I impaled myself on this love wand how could my husband hate men like this.

    I started posting on Jerome's beautiful black spear like I was riding a horse. I was getting a good rhythm going. Tossing my head back, "Ohhhhh, shit this feels so good."

    "Ever had a nigger cock in that fine white pussy ho?"

    "Nooo, never."

    "Feels good, doesn't it?"

    "Yessss, sooo good."

    "You're going to be a black cock slut after tonight."

    "Nooo, married, one time thing."

    "You say that now, you're here trying to get knocked up."

    I never told them I was on the pill and when Jerome said that it spurred me on thinking about it. I played the fantasy, "Yessss, I want you to knock me up with your nigger seed."

    Jerome grabbed me around the waist and started posting me harder. I started tossing my head, "Yessss, fuck me harder."

    Jerome rolled me onto my back and started battering my pussy with his ramrod. My hips matched his thrust for thrust my pussy exploded, I felt like I was in heaven.

    My legs gave a vice grip like squeeze to Jerome when his cock began to swell. He planted his cock in the entrance to my womb and sent copious amounts of his semen deep into my receptive womb. The warmth I felt when James came was back and I orgasmed again, I was on cloud nine.

    Needless to say James and Jerome stayed with me all night and I never did get any sleep. The next morning they walked me to my car and each kissed me goodbye. They turned to leave, "Can I get your digits just incase I change my mind about the one time thing."

    They both wrote down their numbers and stuffed them into my panties, "You'll be back whore."

    We all laughed, "That's for me to know and you to find out," I said.

    I drove home that morning with their cum leaking out of me, thinking about what they said about me turning into a black cock slut. I could not deny that it was the best sexual experience I've ever had.

    I had put my experience out of my mind with the holidays just ahead. I made it through the holidays and January okay. My husbands attitude had not gotten any better. I decided on valentines day that I was going to tell him I wanted a divorce. I could not get James and Jerome out of my mind.

    Two days before Valentines day I received a card from James and Jerome, miss that heart shaped ass ho, love James and Jerome.

    Valentines day arrived and my husband was gone when I got up. I went to the kitchen for a coffee and breakfast. My husband left a single rose by the coffee maker with a card, love you more now then the day we married.

    I put the rose in a vase with water and poured a coffee. I took the first sip and was off to the bathroom nauseas. After throwing up I felt better and thought I was coming down with the flu. This continued for the next three days so I bought a home pregnancy test, it was positive.

    I made a doctors appointment and it was confirmed I was three months pregnant and was clean of disease. I knew that it had to be James or Jerome who impregnated me with the amount of baby seed they pumped into me that glorious night. I asked about an abortion, I was to far along.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

                                                  Sparkx Radio Music Charts

# 10 ISYSS - Single For The Rest Of My Life (Remix

# 9   Take It Off - Nuelz

# 8     Aldre - Woke.

# 7   Tony Exum Jr.-  My Name's Tony

# 6     EJ Holmes - Te Amo Mucho Mamacita

# 5      Jax Yohana- Tell Nobody 

# 4      i47-Eastside47


# 2    Mochamagic-Beatbox

# 1    Dre Lane - Casanova 

Most Requested song # 1 on Sparkx Radio
Congrats Dre Lane

Results in this Chart are based on listeners to Sparkx Radio Network Requests made for the song on Sparkx Radio, Streaming etc. Playlist determined by Sam Broadcaster rules and rotation on the station. Congrats to all the artist labels and producers. Being on the Sparkx Radio Music Charts will determine the awards giving out for the all new Impact Music Awards. Contact us @ sparkxradio@gmail.com submit your clean song for consideration to sponsor this chart please contact Brian Bradley President of Dragon Fire Studios www.dragonfirestudio1.net 303-915-2442.

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Sparkx Radio Music Charts

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