Monday, November 12, 2018

Sparkx Radio Music Charts

Hello Everyone this is Dij Sparkx I am owner of one of the Top Podcast Radio Station in the world. I would like to thank my sponsor Dragon fire Studios and C.E.O. Brian Bradley for it's sponsorship of the programming on the Station. This Blog will be all about music in preparation for Sparkx Music Awards show in Denver. There are several ways that you can tune into this station to listen to the music here are the links thanks for listening and requests are welcome we play all music here.Click here to listen
Tune In 24/7

Each week based on Votes by the fans will determine the Top 10 Artists that then will be Played on a count down show hosted by yours truly. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to see the show and also celebrity interviews video etc. Please Click Here to Subscribe to my channel

Stay Tuned on how you can vote for your favorite independent Artist this category will also determine who wins the awards for best video for best song Etc. Thanks for tuning in and appreciate your response on this Blog..

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